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Proven, preferred partners.

Building partnerships is ultimately what we are about and what we do better than anyone else.

Our purpose is to build beneficial business partnerships through delivering integrated software solutions and associated services that result in improved organisational performance and cost savings. What makes us different is the way we do it – we put as much importance on building partnerships as we do on building solutions.

Consultancy Services

Are you looking for Professional Support or need to fill a specialist position quickly?
Connexxion provides specialists in all areas of business and technology for short or long term engagements.

Software Solutions 

Are you looking for a technology solution to meet your business needs?

Connexxion Software Solutions determines your requirements providing recommendations and implementing commercial off the shelf or fully custom developed Solutions.

Support Services

Are you looking to improve your service levels and at the same time reduce costs?

Connexxion helps its customers to derive significant value by extending their business outside the traditional organisational walls.


The World Changes When You Start To ​Imagine

ERP Solutions That Leave You In Control

Imagine having world class Business Systems that you could change each time you re-structure, acquire another operation or have to comply with new regulations - without needing to call in the vendor or external IT consultants.

Agresso Business World is the ideal choice for organisations that need to adopt an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) approach to business software but don’t want to compromise on their ability to address changes to their business or deployment needs; even long after implementation. Redefine the way you manage your finance, payroll, HR, planning and budgeting, project management, fixed assets, logistics, procurement, reporting, and customer relationship business processes.

Facilities Management Systems to remove your maintenance headaches

Imagine the benefits you would achieve from a system which could optimise process maintenance efficiency, accuracy and productivity for the lifetime of your properties and assets. Concept Evolution™ is a completely web-based Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) solution which merges powerful functionality with sophisticated mobile technology to ensure complete control of Facilities Management and Maintenance Management functions. It brings Total Estate Management into reality and empowers organisations with the tools to predict and manage their property/asset investments.

Workforce Management Systems which can improve your bottom line

Imagine the potential of a Workforce Management System which could constantly react to changes in your team’s evolving day to increase utilisation, minimise travel costs and reduce carbon emissions. Our world leading solutions ensure you can optimise the utilisation of your mobile resources and are proven to generate immediately visible return on investment by achieving on average a 30% reduction in your resourcing requirements.

Custom Software Solutions that remove the pain of doing business

Imagine increased productivity derived from the utilisation of user-friendly and tailored software applications that help you implement simple solutions to complex issues or the flexibility generated when your mobile staff begin to engage through their mobile devices and are no longer reliant on returning to the office to complete their tasks. At Connexxion, our core strength is the development of software solutions that improve business efficiency and help you implement simple solutions to complex issues. Mobile Application Development is only one of the services offered by our experienced and innovative development teams.

Consultancy services which bring true business transformation

Imagine a business partner who is committed to the success of your organisation. Connexxion has a true partnership approach to doing business where our consultants act as trusted advisors to deliver your business solutions. Our consultants work alongside your team to resolve your challenges from streamlining business processes, reducing operational costs, implementing corporate systems, migrating from a legacy system, or other critical business needs. We provide end-to-end professional services from design to development and delivery of your solution, through to ongoing support and management of ICT services.


Next Generation Shared Services

Paul Marriner, who during a two year stint at the UK Government, was the architect of the next-generation shared services program. This incorporated a comprehensive strategy for back-office shared services across the central government. The strategy gained the imprimatur of permanent secretaries and ministers as the UK government policy (February 2012.). It is seen, by internal and external stakeholders, including the UK National Audit Office, as a credible and comprehensive strategy produced by the central administration.

Press play to hear more.


Shared Value

Economic, political, and social activity, or business, government, and society have been recognised as three distinct areas that are intrinsically linked and have evolved over time. This evolution has seen the role of business in society increase in priority in the eyes of organisational leaders as they seek to create long term sustainability. Even though it is the primary purpose of business to make a profit, it is the concept of sustainable business that requires them to look past their bottom-line profits and consider their environmental and social impacts as well.

Creating Shared Value is looking beyond short term financial performance and focussing on long term success that is achieved through bringing business and society together is known as Creating Shared Value.

Shared Value is achieved when business success is connected with community success in order to achieve a value that is greater than profit alone. It is through the connection of success with improvements to society as a whole that companies begin to innovate, gain efficiencies, create differentiation, and expand into new markets. Once this occurs business growth tends to follow.

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Is Your ERP Killing Your Business?

Most organisations look to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to enhance the overall performance of their organisation. In many cases, the original business drivers that led to a specific ERP being selected and implemented were to streamline and simplify business processes in order to sustain a competitive advantage.

So why do so many ERP systems fail to achieve these goals? Read more
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