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Proven, preferred partners.

Providing quality products and services through our partnering model is what we are about.

Our purpose is to build mutually beneficial business partnerships through delivering quality products and services that are aimed at improving organisational performance and cost savings. What makes us different is the way we do it – we put as much importance on building partnerships as we do on building solutions.

Consultancy Services

Are you looking for Professional Support or need to fill a specialist position quickly?
Connexxion provides specialists in all areas of business and technology for short or long term engagements.

Software Solutions 

Are you looking for a technology solution to meet your business needs?

Connexxion Software Solutions determines your requirements providing recommendations and implementing commercial off the shelf or fully custom developed Solutions.

Support Services

Are you looking to improve your service levels and at the same time reduce costs?

Connexxion helps its customers to derive significant value by extending their business outside the traditional organisational walls.


Unit4 Business World: Next generation ERP for people centric organisations

In March 2015 Unit4 announced a major new release of its people-centric ERP solution Unit4 Business World Milestone 5 (formerly known as Agresso). Unit4's ERP is the only system designed from the ground up for people-centric industries. It empowers peple to better engage and create impact, while automating low-value repetitive tasks. Unit4 Business World fully leverages and adopts the power of the digital era, delivered by the new Unit4 platform. These include mobile and social capabilities paired with predictive analystics and machine-learning, resulting in advanced business insights that proactively alert people to areas that require attention. Unit4's ERP is the only system designed from the ground up for people-centric industries. It empowers peple to better engage and create impact, while automating low-value repetitive tasks.

Unit4 Business World provides great agility to service organisations with its modular approach. The new version introduces several domain-oriented Experience Packs: Smart Budgeting, Communities, Self-Driving Payroll, Appraisals and Requisitions, adding value to services businesses.

Unit4 is the sole Enterprise Applications vendor devoted to people-centric organisations. Our solutions deliver simple, intuitive user experience combined with enterprise-class scalability and flexible deployment options," said Jose Duarte, Chief Executive Officer of Unit 4. "Our new version of Unit4 Business World helps people transform the service and government organisation they work for by helping them collaborate, make decisions, and focus on the activities that really matter."

Unit4 Business World can be flexibly deployed in the public cloud, private cloud or on-premise and empowers and inspires people to deliver and succeed, especially in constantly changing business conditions.

  • Changing when you change - Business World's unique change-embracing architecture is the foundation for your organisation to realise its ambitions. Its unrivalled post-implementation agility ensures that you can always keep the system in step with your business and operational needs, and at up to 55% lower annual cost than other mainstream ERPs.
  • Working how you work - With its clear uncluttered user interface, role focused tools, task focused "Experience Packs" and easy team collaboration, Business World provides all the support that your people need, to ensure optimal service delivery across your organisation.
  • Going where you go - Business World is ideal for people and enterprises on the move. It combines core task support with dedicated mobile apps and analytics application to drive your teams' productivity - every day of the month, every month of the year, in the office or on the road.
  • Delivering what you choose - You can rely on Business World fro total choice and flexibility - from your deployment options (cloud or on-premise) and the devices you use, through to the Experience Packs that best meet your needs and the upgrades that best suit your plans.

Concept Evolution - The next generation CAFM

Completely web-based, Concept Evolution is a complete CAFM system and the next generation in FSI's multi award-winning ConceptTM CAFM range.

The new breed of CAFM software merges powerful functionality with sophisticated technology to extend facilities management across borders, and optimise process efficiency, accuracy and productivity throughout the lifecycle.

Easily accessed through a standard web browser, Concept Evolution TM offers an extremely powerful, flexible, and easy to use facilties management software platform that leverages the web to provide a single, integrated view of facilities and maintenance activities across your portfolio.

Concept Evolution TM  is perfectly suited to organisations and facilities managers who manage a single facility through to a global property portfolio, or those who focus on a singular aspect of facilities operations.


Unit4 announces alliance with Microsoft

Unit4 business applications, combined with Microsoft Azure will speed creation of self-driving business software.

Unit4 People Platform uses leading-edge Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office solutions to deliver meaningful and in-context information required to achieve self-driving ERP.

Collaboration will deliver unprecedented business value to people-centric businesses.

Unit4 announced a strategic collaboration with Microsoft that will speed to market the creation of self-driving business applications and ERP for people-centric organizations.

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It is still early days to describe the full benefits of implementing Concept Evolution™ but there have already been tangible results on two fronts: improved service delivery of reactive works, which is a key strategy in ECH’s customer experience goals; and the establishment of specific records management assigned to buildings and assets.

Major initial benefits include easy access to the system for all staff. Being web-based, it is accessible from wherever employees have an internet connection.
Home office working is becoming a regular practice and web access to Concept™ provided the flexibility need for the organization to cater for that. Smartphones and tablet are also part of ECH reality, and FSI GO™ transformed ECH’s team into self-sufficient and efficient professionals. The flexibility delivered by the system is incredible. The workflow module provides business intelligence on a whole new level, and has enabled the automation of legacy manual processes.

Then there is live performance management, with the click of a button, the organisation can get instant graphs and reports showing the status of tasks, buildings and assets. The ability to plan asset lifecycles will deliver financial benefits and provide the tools to closely manage all ECH assets including service history and recurrent problems.